• Monitoring and Automation of Dell EMC Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub

    Recent rapid digital transformation and modernization cause complex enterprise silos with many IT
    architectures. See how to optimize Enterprise Silos with NRI and Dell Technology.

    he Ultimate Guid to streamline Enterprise Silos by mPLAT Suite:Whitepaper from NRI and DELL EMC
  • Multi-Cloud Management Platform

    A single pane of glass to manage, automate, and optimize complex IT silos.

    Multi-Cloud Management Platform
  • Make Better Decision

    Business Intelligence Dashboards for IT Executives

    Make Better Decision
  • Modernized IT Service Management

    Encourage DevOps collaboration to accelerate digital transformation.

    Modernized IT Service Management

mPLAT Suite is a leading software as Multi-Cloud Management.


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Empower Enterprise Digital Transformation with mPLAT Suite

mPLAT Suite is a Multi-Cloud management platforms that streamline enterprise’s IT silos through rapid
modernization.It provides a Single Pane of Glass Console across any cloud or on-premise server.