Product Make Enterprise IT Silos Simple with mPLAT Suite.

Multi-Cloud Management Platform to Streamline IT Silos

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mPLAT Multi-Cloud Conductor

Empowers enterprise digital transformation of an enterprise with a simple console in heterogeneous IT environments

  • A Single Pane of Glass through Web, Mobile, and CLI
  • Monitor, Manage, Govern, and Provision multi-cloud and on-premise server
  • Automation and job schedule by runbook with Job as a Code
  • Identifies any application and infrastructure problem across the Multi-Cloud, and resolves it automatically through automated runbook

mPLAT Performance Visualizer

Accelerates decision-making process based on visualized KPIs to survive faster digital disruption

  • Visualized KPIs across any cloud or server
  • STAR Performance Values (SPV) based on five key metrics to prioritize and understand high-impact issues for IT executives
  • Customizes an enterprise’s visualized KPIs with easy-to-use GUI
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mPLAT Service Manager

Modernized IT Service Management for enterprise digital business

  • Supports ITIL v3 processes across any cloud or server
  • Manages any event ticket, and troubleshoots with AI-based log analytics
  • Encourages DevOps collaboration to boost productivity
  • Mobile First and User-Centric Website for DevOps;. Can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • Uses workflow as a Code for fast application-deployment process and DevOps workflow change