NRI Brings "mPLAT Suite" to the Microsoft Ignite 2017,

Demonstrates Its Appeal at First-Ever Conference Appearance in U.S.

Photos: (Left) The joint exhibition booth shared by NRI and U.S. company Dell EMC. (Right) A commemorative photo taken in front of the exhibition booth.
  • From September 22-27, 2017, Microsoft hosted the Microsoft Ignite 2017 conference (the "Conference") in Orlando, Florida.
  • NRI made its first-ever appearance at this event, presenting a joint exhibit with U.S. company Dell EMC*1 to promote the "mPLAT Suite," a multi-cloud integrated management product that has been customized and rebranded for global markets. The exhibition booth was used for handing out product catalogs and providing demonstrations to visitors.
  • The Conference has evolved into a massive event with nearly 30,000 attendees, mainly consisting of CIOs, CTOs, and developers belonging to companies that use Microsoft products. The keynote address given by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella touched on the topics of AI, quantum computers, mixed reality, and the Azure cloud strategy, and the event provided a valuable opportunity to raise the profile of the Cloud Computing Service Division's mPLAT Suite in the U.S. market.
  • * Dell EMC, a U.S. company, has developed the hybrid cloud solution "AzureStack," which incorporates Microsoft Azure software technology into a hardware platform, as well as the "Ready Series," a type of hyper converged infrastructure packed with software-defined virtualization technology. NRI gave a joint technical demonstration of how the mPLAT Suite could be added on and combined with these environments to enable multi-cloud integrated management utilizing the characteristics of all three products.
  • The exhibition booth was visited each day by many attendees, who were eager to address the operational issues faced by U.S. companies that are particular to multi-cloud platforms. At the booth, NRI and Dell EMC made a joint presentation and offered product demonstrations. Given the extreme difficulty involved in differentiating one's company from the competition using software alone, the exhibition appealed to visitors by focusing on the synergies and the added value produced through combining our two companies' solutions.
  • Click here to visit the mPLAT Suite's global product website
  • Click here for the keynote address delivered by CEO Nadella on Microsoft's strategy
Photos: (Left) The mPLAT Suite's multi-cloud management dashboard screen(Right) Mr. Hanazaki converses with a visitor.